Your additional smartphone control points


As far as the warranty is concerned, all mobile phones are accompanied by a commercial good guarantee, which is offered by the manufacturer and covered according to the specifications specified by the manufacturer in approved service centers. The commercial guarantee covers you in addition to your legal rights under the e-sale contract. The duration of the commercial guarantee is determined by each manufacturer depending on the possible life of the mobile phone.

To find out about the commercial warranty, you should refer to the product packaging and check that the manufacturer’s warranty is stated in the owner’s manual.

For products purchased within the European Union, the validity of the warranty must be indicated in all EU countries.

There are, of course, more obvious cases of problematic mobile phones, for example where the entire manufacturer’s logo may have been removed, a symbol or a letter has been falsified or replaced.

In such cases the construction material may be of lower quality, or even the screen resolution and other technical characteristics of the device do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. It is useful, therefore, to be informed about the mobile phone you want to buy from official site of the manufacturer.

If you receive a product that does not meet the above requirements or cause some concern at some point, then you should notify the store or manufacturer and return the product.

By following the above key checkpoints, you will be able to escape any casualties and you will be sure that the mobile phone you just bought is fully in line with your needs.