What you need to know when purchasing spare parts

1. The use of parts that do not have the official approval of the manufacturer may cause the warranty of the car to lapse.

2. Among non-original spare parts, it is significantly more likely, according to experts, that there are factory defects and obviously fake that ultimately can lead to serious and expensive breakdowns of complex parts and vehicle mechanisms.

3. The range of non-original spare parts is usually much more modest in view of the fact that for free sale by manufacturers they try to get the best-selling parts (some parts for cars are only original, mostly for wearing small And rarely abandon spare parts, such as internal parts, engine beams and suspension, and so on.).

4. the likelihood of errors and misleading information in the catalogs of non-genuine spare parts manufacturers are significantly higher than in the vehicle manufacturer’s records, hence higher and the likelihood of incorrect acquisition details.

5. Finally, the fierce competition between many companies and brands that supply the secondary market with a variety of spare parts must pass them on at lower prices offered by the product and that is, unfortunately, more often than not Achieving productivity gains and cost reductions, as well as a banal reduction in quality requirements for raw materials, release production in developing countries, and deterioration in end-product characteristics.

Finally, it should be noted that the ordinary driver is not easy to determine in the variety and continuously changing trends in the automotive parts market. It’s like a medicine – many clinics, and the correct diagnosis and prescribe the exact prescription can not all doctors.

That is why, the basic advice – for real professionals, they also seem to trust the health and mood of their “iron friend”. Then the question: “What spare parts – original or non-original – used to maintain and repair your car,” will always be able to respond to: as I say to the “Doctor” and do.