Two tips to keep in mind while shopping for a new pillow are:

Do not just think of the cost, since a more expensive pillow will not necessarily be better for you, and most of the time you can find a great choice without having to empty your wallet. Also, if possible, try the pillow in the store. If you can lie down to see how it supports you, do it. Alternatively, stand with your back on the wall and place behind your head. Ask a person to tell you if your neck is tilting to either side. The right pillow helps your neck to be aligned with your spine.

Finally, there are some more specific pillow options that are designed to deal with specific problems such as hot flashes, headaches or cervical pain. Nevertheless, their prices may be elevated, and there is not enough evidence to confirm their effectiveness. With a quick look, some of these options are:

Water pads: They are suggested by some physiotherapists and chiropractors, and have the ability to adapt to body pressure to create the desired levels of density and support.

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Cold Pillows: Designed to be the anti-hot flush and sweat during sleep, these pillows contain special beads that absorb the heat of the head in order to keep the face that rests on the face cool.
Oxygen Pillows: These pillows are based on a technique used in the fabric where special socks are made to help circulate blood in patients with diabetes. In the same way, the pillows increase the oxygen in the blood vessels by 29%. Experts are not yet sure how exactly this helps, but there are cases where patients have reported reduced pain.
Snoring Pillows: There is very limited evidence of how effective they are, but again, there are reports that they have helped some people.