To provide the child with professional help in preparation for the entrance exams

Another main reason for attracting a tutor is preparing for introductory tests, exams and interviews for top schools and universities, a contest in which sometimes even counts dozens of candidates for one seat.
To get this cherished place, unfortunately, it is not enough to be just a “strong”, smart and successful student, an important part of success is the knowledge of the so-called “examination technique”. So, for example, in working with texts it will be necessary to conduct a competent analysis, and draw parallels, and properly structure your answer. All this in a limited amount of time and in a stressful atmosphere.

An experienced teacher has hundreds or even thousands of hours of training with such candidates – he will arm your child with a set of techniques and techniques that will help him save time and get additional points, providing answers that meet the most exacting expectations of the admissions committee.