Thus the brake shoes can be compared

In the contact between the surfaces of the clamping jacks with the discs of the braking device generates friction and heat. Thus, the brake shoes can be compared with the brake straps. Both are subject to components of the braking system which should carry regular monitoring. The only difference is that the clamping blocks are components of the drum brakes. Fundamentally, brakes which have the function of supporting the friction are used, namely the brake pads. Due to the constant wear of the surfaces of these elements at every brake always there is more heat generated, which affects the brake shoe in a continuous way.

This primarily concerns their gait with regard to the brake discs. Worn cheeks must be constantly adjusted so as not to lengthen their gait unnecessarily. The limit is reached when the friction material is exhausted. Then the exchange of the brake shoes is inevitable. At the same time also the apriceppi must be replaced together with the cheeks. This also applies to the customization function. All three components are thus commercially available as a set so that their replacement can be made less expensive than replacing each independent element. In addition, for reasons of traffic safety, it is always advisable that the three elements be replaced at the same time. A fairly remote even with cars that often need to deal with high loads under normal driving conditions remains the option to perform this operation. Therefore, the advice I can give is a sudden braking and unnecessary to avoid a prudent and forward-looking driving.

In addition, less heat will be developed by the brake shoes: fewer elements are held by this heat and the longer is held to the high value of the car. Finally remember, if you appreciate your safety, the regular maintenance of the brakes simply a must. If you are looking for pieces of quality parts, visit our online shop, where you will find everything you need: rope hand brake, cooler, silencer, oil sensor, stabilizer, etc.