This is my style

The most fashionable thing is in the summer. Firstly, in the summer we do not use outerwear, and it is an opportunity to show all the benefits of our wardrobe. Secondly, the hot season is the period of holidays and tours. Therefore, if you decide to take risks and wear fashionable things, buy models from summer collections.

Classics forever. If you choose your clothes with bright floral or animal prints, let it cut as close to classical as possible. In this case, the combinatorial nature of this thing grows at times.

Do not worry whether the thing comes out of fashion or not if it fully meets your individual styles. You certainly know how to carry such things and make up their ensembles.

Will the motepass be printed with flowers and animals? Yes. Because fashion changes at great speed, and soon, the abundance of patterns and finishes will change minimalism. Will it be back in the near future? Yes. Because femininity and sensuality is not a trend, it is a necessity.