The choice of men’s clothing: what to lean on?

On clothes meet all – regardless of age, type of occupation, nature and, especially, sex. Moreover, it is important for a woman and a man to choose their clothes correctly: it is important both in terms of image formation and in terms of health care. Here are just “instructions” to find women’s things – a lot, and advice to men in these issues is not enough. However, this is not difficult to fix: everything that a strong-sex representative needs to know before buying clothes will fit in 3 points.
Three “whales” of a good choice of wardrobe

Clothing is an image, image, expression of character and reflection of personality. Here, why it should be sought, relying on the 3 main “dogmas” (male, in this case, image):

Your own style;
Your brand;
Your color.

As for the style, everything here depends on the type of occupation of the man. If he is purposeful, active, not stranger to career development, his choice is casual (or, translating from fashionable English, a business image). Athletes, tourists, fans of outdoor activities, country trips and other similar entertainment – in the world of stylistics called street (street style). The mods will have to chase after non-trivial solutions in the wardrobe, and the classics will combine the first two directions and find their own individual street casual.