Short selection scheme for tie colors

To determine which is best to choose a tie for the image, you should start with a suit. The jacket or suit can be placed on the table (bed) and shirts of different colors are applied. Like you like a shirt to put on your jacket and start applying a tie.
If the suit is chosen in a band, then neither the tie nor the shirt should repeat this pattern. Only an inappropriate taste is choosing a tie and a shirt of the same color. At least one detail of the image should be made in a different color or pattern.

To easily combine things in the image of a man, it is worthwhile to stick to a simple rule: a shirt and a suit that must lift contrasting tones. A tie needs to match the color of the suit, complete it.
To determine how colors are combined with each other, you can refer to the color wheel. The hues, which are located directly opposite each other, are contrasting and are in the vicinity – similar. Colors that are placed against each other at an angle of 120 degrees determine the traditional combination. The black, white and gray colors are universal, they can be combined with any other color.

When choosing a tie for a shirt or jacket, you should pay attention to the appearance of a person. Fair leathers are perfect for contrasting and bright combinations of clothes. For a person with a soft contrast in appearance, luminous shades will fit in the selection of wardrobe.