Selection of toner refills

When it comes to toner, we present often the toner cartridge, that cartridge. Indeed toner – a fine black or colored powder used in laser printers, copiers, MFP machines. Upon exposure to the electrophotographic powder transferred from the cartridge to the drum, and then to the paper. Hues for refilling laser cartridges used for color printing and copying.

Laser printers and MFPs

The composition of Toner The chemical composition of the toner particles can be dependent on changes to the product. The composition typically contains the following ingredients:

Polymer base. It is binding, establishes the key features of the toner cartridge for refueling pellets. Components that determine charge of pellets. Iron components. The pigments that determine the color of the print. Compound characterizing the thermal properties of the toner (softening temperature threshold and adhesion). Surface elements granules toner, which provides the desired consistency.

It can be divided into monochrome and color based on the characteristics of the toner dye. By ability magnetization toners are also classified as non-magnetic and magnetic. In magnetic type toner composition includes oxidized iron. For example, HP monochrome laser printers use a magnetic toner cartridge. The content of the oxidized iron in the magnetic toner small, or if it is not at all. This is because the oxidized iron, which provides the magnetic properties of the toner, has a black color.

Toners characterized by the fact that they acquire a charge unit (positive or negative). For example, Brother cartridges using toner with a positive charge. Depending on the chemical properties of the polymer backbone is isolated polyester and styrene-acrylic toners. Polyester Toner enjoying increased popularity because of the low temperature function that provides an effective control on the printing surface toner even at relatively low temperatures.

Mechanical type toner obtained by grinding solid support and fractional screening. In another method for the preparation of toner involved chemical engineering, preparing this product in special reactors. This type of toner is conventionally called chemical, its one-dimensional particles, have a spherical shape.

printing systems are very diverse, and used them in the toner can have a different set of parameters above. For example, a toner cartridge Xerox N24 is a styrene-acrylic, mechanical, magnetic, and negatively charged. Choosing the best tones

Toner is one of the active elements in the printing process. Choosing a particular brand of this product affect other parts of the printing system. Technical characteristics of the various parts of the pressure vessel has an effect on the effectiveness of a particular type of toner. For example, the functions temperature characteristics of the drum affect the color saturation of the print. Consequently, the choice of optimal brand toner for refilling cartridges depends on the settings of the printing device and the price of refueling cartridges.

Cartridges for Color Laser Printer When selecting the best use of toner itself is run by the manufacturer of compressed air. But if this is not possible, then you can try to choose alternative on the basis of available information (Guide to printing devices and other sources). When using compatible toner powder from a third party identity is required to charge and magnetization. Before filling a new toner cartridge must be completely clean of the old powder residue. In the presence of the old toner cartridges for laser on the inner surfaces of the printing device, you must remove them completely.

After a new toner cartridge refilling print a few pages of test to evaluate print quality. Visual analysis of the print reveals the failure of the cartridge refill. But this method of testing has its limitations, does not guarantee the absence of negative results in the future.