Sectional door: Burglar-resistant properties

Sectional doors offer almost perfect protection against breakage: it is not possible to open the garage quietly and quickly. The sections close tightly, it is also not possible to pull the cloth from below. Some manufacturers – for example, a bolt lock are considered an option. However, if your garage is connected to the house or costs from afar, it is better to look for more reliable protection than it provides.

The gate characteristics differ from the standard anti-intrusion properties. The German company uses a proprietary safety device that prevents obstacles as well as reliable locks. Just below the gate – they have a bolt lock and the large thickness of the panels and their strong grip to damage the canvas is almost impossible.

Point 4: Heat and sound insulation
To ensure that the garage has a comfortable temperature for both the car and the driver, the gate must be “warm”. On the thermal insulation, the gate and – the first by an uninterrupted contour and the absence of a “bridge of cold”, the second – due to the large thickness of the panels and the density of the sealant. They are the products of these brands, which can be recommended to the inhabitants of the cold regions.