New Year corporate party: what to wear to the feast

New Corporate What odetDo New Year remains very little time, you should take time to determine the location, choose the outfit. Many women working holiday begins long before corporate parties December 31 New Year. What happens to a party with colleagues to be elegant and attractive? After all, holiday is a very specific, it will be present and bosses, and subordinates, appreciate a casual atmosphere. There is no doubt of great importance and a place for corporate theme, which largely determines the choice of attire.

For a banquet in a restaurant suit should combine elegance, style with comfort. Evening dresses long, very uncomfortable to dance wild and participate in competitions. Therefore fit below the knee cocktail dresses, elegant suits, including pants. available printed fabric colored dresses cut complex lace and guipure lining dense.

Ideal – a classic little black dress with bright accessories, additives in the form of collars, scarves, gloves, belts. Jewelry can also along to raise more massive and brighter than daily. Evening dress should be filled with thick tights and closed shoes. Heel Height – average was convenient to dance or have fun in competitions.

in the country
More than a simple outfit to be where the celebration takes place in nature in country houses and recreation centers. Sitting room gives way to exit, especially if the planned corporate fireworks, dancing around the Christmas tree. For such a holiday should give preference to clothes made of light jersey – dress in soft wool sweater with funny designs, floral jumper. To place better to choose a comfortable heel pumps small street – shoes or boots on a sole stable solid.

Carnival or theme party
This is the simplest option, which does not require much effort, I think, or a waste of time. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the character, find a costume, but today there are many resources that provide appropriate solutions. Seamstress can sew a dress, accessories and decorations to create his. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate creativity, imagination and ingenuity.

in the workplace
Well, the easiest and at the same time sophisticated version – a corporate job. How to hit elegance colleagues, where holiday starts as soon as the working day? You can wear a party dress or suit jacket underneath, which is then removed. Another option – an ordinary suit, a dress, a skirt with a blouse to complete a bright scarf, scarf, brooch, beads.

What to wear is not necessary
It would seem that corporate – it’s that simple, because we spend with colleagues, sometimes even more than family. However, there is a choice over a set of rules that better not to break.

The main concerns excessive denudation of the lower prohibition of the various parts of the body. This is not desirable too short skirts, dresses, deep neckline, cutouts, tights, sheer fishnet fabric. The same applies to clothing with lots of stones paletok, sequins, stones, if they are not part of carnival costume.

But this does not mean that he and should be avoided glossy elements just for a corporate holiday, they must be retained. Vivid colors of clothes possible, saturated fabric with floral, geometric prints, lace. But scarlet still better avoided as too caller.

Always worth remembering that corporate, whenever it occurred, is also part of the work. And the outfit defines the image and credibility built up over the years to guide the eye, colleagues or subordinates. For not damage the positive image, it is necessary to carefully consider the appropriateness of dress, color, line and form hairstyle.