Golf is the best-selling car in Europe

Even in 2014, in 2013, of Golf is the best-selling car in Europe. Let’s understand the reasons for the sales success, I was wondering if this is supported by a broad consensus of the experts.

If you are looking to replace the auto parts of your golf do not need special difficulties: in fact, the historian of the Volkswagen was confirmed in 2014, the most favorite car of Europeans. In the annual ranking of Jato Dynamics, it actually sees Golf, as well as in 2013, ranked first among the best-selling cars in Europe: 520,958 motorists to buy it and 11.1% improvement over the previous year when To buy it was 468,850. It must be said that golf is not new to these exploits: first produced in 1974, in the early eighties and nineties it was for 13 consecutive years, The European car sold and the first Volkswagen car to win the so-called car of the year, Lake in 1992, a title that he won in 2013.

Perhaps you are thinking about buying a new golf and ask yourself how often you have to replace auto parts Golf: how reliable is it if the number of sales is really a reflection of great quality, and so on. In the automotive industry, it is difficult (if not impossible) to establish rankings, decide if the car is better than another: it all depends on your needs. You can trust, however, judgments and awards given by the experts. Golf is the best-selling car for 2013 is that in 2014 largely due to its new series, Golf VII, the market at the end of 2012 the thrilling success of sales due to what is accompanied a prestigious award: the 2013 model of Volkswagen was named car of the year. According to Andrea Alessi, director of Volkswagen Italy, “the jury wants to reward the product’s technical innovation, symbolized by the new platform, a platform that allows for weight savings, the use of different engines, and the birth of a large family.” Golf VII is also very popular for combining the legendary German reliability of the prestige and elegance of Italian design: the award-winning Walter de Silva Maria is in fact the designers of this car cult.

other best-selling car in Europe
If Golf is the best-selling car in Europe, it’s interesting to look at the full sales chart in 2014. Compared to the 2013 ranking, there are many confirmations: the second is the Ford Fiesta, the third Renault Clio. Fourth and fifth are unchanged: another Volkswagen, Polo is the fourth and fifth Opel Corsa. In sixth place we find the Ford Focus and the seventh is the Peugeot 208, in reverse compared to 2013. The top 10 enhancements are Skoda Octavia, Nissan Qashqai and Audi A3 / S3 / RS3. In confirmation of the German brand’s hegemony in the automotive market, it can be noted that the absolute best-selling brand in Europe is Volkswagen, with more than half a million new registrations.