Facial care: what to choose from a variety of means?

The desire to look beautiful and attractive is one of the main aspirations of a woman. Effective facial skin care is of great importance for ladies. A wide variety of cosmetic products is designed to help improve the skin condition of the face, refresh and rejuvenate it. But incorrectly selected cosmetics can lead to very unpleasant consequences, for example, cause an allergic reaction or dermatitis, which will have to get rid of with medications.

It is very important to know your own skin type to determine what care is needed for it. The easiest way to determine the type of skin is to get a wet face in the morning with a dry napkin – just after you get out of bed. If a napkin remains on the napkin, the skin is oily. If the fat stain is only in the center of the napkin – you have combined skin. If the napkin after applying it to the face remained clean, the skin is normal or dry. To finally find out the type of skin, you should wash with soap. If, after this, the feeling of tightness of the face remains, the skin glitters and is overdried, then it is dry. If the skin is smooth, elastic and elastic – normal.

The type of skin can change with age, changing the time of year, due to impaired functioning of the body. And even if you know what type of skin you have, you definitely can not recommend a certain day cream or other facial skin care product. The individuality of each organism requires consultation from a cosmetologist and a certain proportion of experiments.