Dress with boots on high heels – feminine combination

Give up on time from standard shoes on a hairpin and choose ankle boots with high heels. With ankle boots the dress will look especially stylish and original. Since they are a transitional stage between the shoes of other styles, they can be worn with a variety of dresses. Fashionable and not bored look – what else can you wish for?

Cocktail Dress

Give cocktail dress a daring note, combining it with ankle boots. Get an exceptionally stylish outfit, which can be worn in a nightclub or at a party. Not to mention the fact that in late autumn or early spring, changing the usual shoes for ankle boots, you keep your feet warm, and not at the expense of fashion.

Depending on the weather, you can wear tights or abandon them. If it’s still pretty cool, add the ensemble with a strict blazer to create an interesting contrast. And if you are not afraid of risky steps, put a leather motorcycle jacket on top.

Office Dress

Dress of a strict style, they will add a twist. The outfit will turn out to be a little more interesting if you do not wear shoes, but ankle boots with your favorite office dress. A simple cardigan, dressed over a dress-shirt, looks fashionable and elegant in combination with ankle boots.

A dress with a wide skirt is an exclusively feminine wardrobe item that makes up a contrasting pair with ankle boots. And if you want to give the ensemble a conservative look, put on the fitted blazer.


Summer dress can be worn in the autumn, if you complement it not with sandals, but with ankle boots. Add tights and a jacket or cardigan – and a trendy autumn outfit is ready. Dress in flower will be appropriate to look and in the cold season, if you wear it with black tights and black ankle boots. Complete the ensemble with a black jacket.

The same trick also works with a white dress, so in autumn or spring wear it with black shoes. The combination of a sarafan and ankle boots is effective both for short dresses and for maxi, so experiment with different versions of your favorite summer outfits.

Sweater dress

If in the cold season you prefer to send summer dresses in the closet until next spring, but still look elegant, pay attention to the dress-sweater. It is feminine, but warm and cozy. Dress-sweater can be fitted or baggy, and both options are ideal. The additional advantage of ankle boots with high heels is that you will always look slim and tall.