Did they give up the brakes? Seven options to stop the car

According to the statistics of the American Institute of Road Safety, on average the driver presses the brake pedal 75,000 times a year. In the city, this figure is growing at times, and drivers who prefer an aggressive driving style, even more. Being subjected to a heavy load, the brake system or one of its elements becomes vulnerable and can suddenly fail. And if this happens on the go, it gives a lot of unpleasant feelings to the driver and creates a threat for him and his passengers, and for other participants in the movement.

The most common causes of brake failure are the loss of brake fluid due to leakage of the system. But regardless of the reasons, the consequence is one – the car can not be stopped in the usual way. Therefore, you must use one of the following options.
“Sell” the system

Precisely because the brakes are the most important safety system, it is divided into two circuits. If there are problems in one circuit, then the second one can work. Therefore, it takes some time to continue to press hard on the pedal (and in the case when it is failed, and in the case of its stupor), but not constantly, but by progressive movements, creating pressure in the system.
On a car with a “mechanics”

It is necessary to apply braking by the engine, that is, gradually to lower the gears one by one. At the same time, the clutch pedal must be squeezed out for a minimum amount of time so that the engine does not lose touch with the box. When moving to a lower gear, the tachometer needle should not enter the red zone. A sudden switch to 2nd or 1st gear may result in drifts or damage to the box.