Ceilings from below

Duvets – very light and warm, perhaps they do not equal in comfort.

Their main drawback is that they accumulate moisture. Therefore, the duvet must be aired frequently. Wash bedspread possible, just need to do it carefully and with the use of special tools. For the destruction of mites and bacteria bedspreads can be treated with steam. This method will not be superfluous for other ceilings with natural fillers.

The blanket of pure fluff is expensive. A more cost-effective option – down and down covers. But we need to look at the pen was no more than 40%, and that the pen was not unfriendly.
Cotton and cotton towels

Quilt – a cheap and warm. But its shortcomings are well known. It is hard to absorb moisture and odors. Polluted blanket fairly quickly, and washing it in the machine – is undesirable. After all, when wool rolls are washed and lose its insulating properties.

The development of threads quilt – quilt with cotton filler. What is the difference? The depth of cotton processing and packaging method filler. For raw cotton blankets carefully washed, reducing the amount of dust and therefore reduces the possibility of allergic reactions.

Cotton blankets, not just evenly laid and quilted but pre-swept and evenly distributed. As a result, warm and practical ceilings. What also weighs less than classic cotton.