Car engine: wash or not wash?

All without exception, car owners sooner or later wonder whether it is worth cleaning the engine of their “iron horse”, in the matter of analyzing the Autoth. The opinions of motorists on this issue are divided. Some argue that the engine must necessarily be periodically washed. Other machine owners believe that this procedure can cause problems in the operation of the power plant.
Most drivers try to choose roads with asphalt covering for their trips, which significantly reduces the likelihood of engine compartment contamination. In addition, automakers in recent years have begun to install under the engine compartment of machines anthers, which help to prevent road dirt from entering the engine surface.
Systematic maintenance reduces the need for washing.

In the event that the owner of the car regularly conducts vehicle inspection at the service station, the need for a motor washing is drastically reduced. The car owner practically does not look into the engine compartment, since he does not need it. Only periodically the driver checks the level of working fluids and topping them up if necessary.
Since all these components are located in accessible places, the car owner does not pay attention to the cleanliness of the engine, but only sometimes can dust off the decorative cover. But the car wash is constantly offered to wash the engine, assuring the customers of the need for this procedure.
In fact, car washers are simply trying to earn extra money on cleaning the engine, because the cleanliness of the unit does not depend on its performance.
Opinion opponents washing the engines.

Opponents of engine washing consider that the ingress of moisture and steam on the electrical equipment, which literally stuffed under the hood of the modern car, can cause the failure of sensors or short circuits. It is very problematic to find faults in the operation of the electrical equipment of a modern car, and auto electricalians have to check the efficiency of all electric circuits, and this procedure takes a lot of time and is not cheap.
Quite often a water-filled sensor starts to give out wrong signals and to determine its malfunction in this case is very difficult. All avtoelektriks strongly recommend that car owners maximally exclude the ingress of water into the engine compartment. Better let the engine be dirty and working than clean and broken.
It should be understood that it was very difficult to prove the fault of the washer that filled the water during engine washing. We will have to conduct more than one examination, and this is extra money costs. Therefore, cleaning the motor can cost you very much.
Wrong opinion on the reduction of heat emission from a dirty engine.

Some car owners mistakenly believe that the dirty motor is worse cooled, and overheating of the unit entails serious problems and major repairs. Supporters of this theory systematically spend money on cleaning the engine, believing that this is saved by him from imminent overheating.
Remember – the cooling of the car engine is not through external surfaces, but thanks to the cooling system, which provides for circulation through the inter-wall channels of antifreeze.
Sometimes car owners decide to clean the engine on their own using aggressive chemicals, gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel. Completely from a dirt they will not get rid, and here to provoke a fire under a cowl can. The combustion in the engine compartment entails the replacement of electrical wiring, and its restoration is a very expensive procedure.