A convenient element of the women’s wardrobe is lace-up shoes

Virtually every modern woman has such practical and comfortable shoes as lace-up shoes. It is this functional element of women’s shoes that is ideal for almost any season, except for too hot summer days. Women often prefer lace-up shoes, a large number of models of which are presented on the virtual platform of our online store bonprix. Lace-up shoes are presented in such classic types of shoes as women’s shoes, shoes with laces, and stylish models of sneakers for everyday life that will give your image a touch of informality and maximalism.

Boots – real women’s shoes with masculine features

Women’s fashion often prefers to draw ideas from men’s fashion, offering new and unusual perusal of the models, forms and images that are familiar to us. To such non-boring and non-standard interpretations of male models of shoes on lacing can be attributed the original women’s shoes, combining both the male character and the characteristic feminine grace. Especially popular are our women’s Oxford, which, of course, are a fashionable and popular trend, despite its truly masculine origin. Our models of this type have in most cases a closed lacing. Such lace-up shoes are incredibly practical and look elegant and very elegant. Unlike the male Oxford analogue, to which style laws impose very strict requirements on the type of skin and decor, female models of lace-up shoes can have a more free-decorative design and different color combinations.

Moreover, our variants are made from suede, patent leather, and their combination, and not exclusively from traditional smooth leather, as in the case of men’s shoes. It is quite expected that men’s shoes on lacing in the female version has acquired a higher heel. At us you can also order and fashionable shoes on the platform. Well, lovers of comfortable and comfortable shoes on lacing, we recommend making your choice in favor of a low and stable heel.

Stylish solutions for women’s shoes – your choice

Of particular popularity among the fairer sex are our models with decorative perforations and original stitches. Boots with this kind of decor and decorative perforation bear the memorable name of the brogi. Undoubtedly, such shoes on lacing to any of your along will give stylish unusualness and spectacular fervor. Women’s shoes and in this case are not limited to too strict rules and can be of different colors and combinations. One of the most popular variants of lace-up shoes is our black-and-white female barges with patent leather. Such beautiful shoes can be decorated with unusual prints that will emphasize your personality.