10 pairs of shoes that every woman must have

Esli we lived through the rules of the Kerri Bredshou, we could never have many shoes. Sometimes it is natural, we think so, and in the dressing room, as soon as new objects appear, fill all available shoe cabinets.
However, neither the budget nor the Cabinet is rubber, and the reality is that going to a fashion issue and following all trends without exception is simply impossible.

In order to successfully plan your wardrobe, we have decided to make the «i» the tangent of female clothing to point and the top 10 key types of shoes that every woman should have in her wardrobe. If you stick to this reliable shoes plan, you can always find the same the desired model in the closet.
From your secret weapon on thin heels to universal salvation on a flat course – we have compiled a collection of 10 pairs of shoes, which are absolutely must-have in each woman’s wardrobe. Click on the links and delivered, with a trendy wardrobe new ingredients needed.