Other quality factors parquet: certification, sustainability and pollutants

Siegel and certifications are further features of the parquet quality. For example, hardwood floors that have been certified by the German Society for Sustainable Building e. V. (DGNB), extensively tested for sustainability. The seal PEFC and FSC are distinguished from sustainable and responsible forest management. Highest demands exclusively fulfilled laying materials, which are marked with the seal “GEV EMICODE- EC 1 very low emission”. In EC 1 classified and certified products that GEV can also monitor annually by an independent testing laboratory.
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Case Base Tempered Glass in test (screen protector)

Protectors are, as well as Bumper, cases, etc., almost always in the discussion. Some demonize the others do not use a device without. Some say it takes the smartphone’s elegance, the others want to risk any damage to their new and expensive toys. But we have now looked at something that might offer a compromise, at least in terms of screen protector: The glass protecting Case Base.
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Air conditioners with compressor are in heat, the best choice

The interim conclusion at this point here is clear. If desired only a little relief from the heat for a short time, fans are usually the better choice. Devices, in addition to evaporate water, this effect can still increase a. Friends these devices fill a water with ice cubes, so that better cooling starts right from the first second.
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Smartphones and tablets repair itself

Inventory Analysis – What is broken?
Before going to the repair, it is necessary to analyze only what is actually defective. If only the back of a jump? Does the home button not correct? If the front is defective? Are there other than the external damage still problems in the operation or the battery is no longer functional?
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Cleaning the home and what you need to know about it

Cleaning the house is the responsibility of us all. But can not help but admit that quite often does not leave us enough time to look our home as we would like. For precisely this reason today will reveal a secret to clean the house from pochistvane.org in London and in particular will talk about hiring professional services.
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